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Red Sun Rising [artist review]

Red Sun Rising is one-man downtempo/chillgressive project from Szczecin, Poland. The start was in 2012 – an EP inspired by ambient spaces called “The Bird with the wounded Wing” released in Mistique Emotion – sublabel of the well-known progressive Mistiquemusic label. In the same year Red Sun Rising also made his progressive house debut track “Behind”, released in Mistiquemusic In 2013, together with the singer Camillaes he created a project called “Red Nails”, which is a combination of sensual female vocal, space electronics and guitar overdrive.

Next step was named d’Este & Red Sun Rising – beautiful cooperation of sad violins, lovely touchful vocals and deep melancholic electronic. And that was it! Option to move all on next level downtempo psychodelic tracks stage – the stage that You can now hear in Red Sun Rising project!