The power of abstract sound Psychill, downtempo, future jazz
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State Azure, Blackboxx, Geoglyph, December Trails, Vallou [playlist update]

State Azure – Arctic Coffee
Blackboxx – Looks Like She’s Never Coming Back
Geoglyph – Circe (Illusive Tuna Remix)
December Trails – Capricorn
Vallou – Labyrinth

Mick Chillage, Shwamp, Coam, S1gns of L1fe, Tengri, Hypnoxock, Stratusphere, Ambientium [playlist update]

Mick Chillage – Only In My Dreams
Shwamp x Coam – Vessel
S1gns of L1fe – Synesthetic State
Tengri – One We Are
Hypnoxock – Encounters Over The Sea
Stratusphere – Isolation Blues
Ambientium – Sunset

Beatfinder, Brimstone, Hypnotic Peafowl, Side Liner, Aviron, Pitch Black, Erothyme, Substan, Tetarise, WasiSunqu [playlist update]

Beatfinder – Naked Planet
Brimstone – Sqeeze
Hypnotic Peafowl – Toysazuerta (Side Liner & Aviron Remix)
Pitch Black – Did You Get the Message (Erothyme Remix)
Substan – Psyloscope
Tetarise – Unbound
WasiSunqu – Revolving Planetary Orbit

Lazarus Moment, Phelian, Mystic Crock, Fourth Dimension, N:L:E, Kiphi, Project Hypoxia, Samo Zoko, Boy Is Fiction, Germind, Jedidiah [playlist update]

Lazarus Moment x Phelian – Traversing The Chthonian
Mystic Crock & Fourth Dimension – Flow Of Life (Part 1)
N:L:E & Kiphi – Solar [Short Storm]
Project Hypoxia – Touching To Sacred Voice
Samo Zoko – My Little Ghost
Boy Is Fiction – I Can See You When I Sleep
Germind – Ambient Wave 8
Jedidiah – Between The Clouds

Green Beats, Nastya Kazantseva, Rusez1, AWITW & Meeko, Coam, Earth Child, Painkiller [playlist update]

Green Beats – Teva
Nastya Kazantseva – Glimpse of Light
Rusez1 – Before
AWITW & Meeko – Floral Patterns
Coam – Exhilarating Peace
Earth Child & Painkiller – Cacerolada

Echo Season, Androcell, Kaya Project, Nomyn, Faex Optim, Sundial Aeon, Planet Boelex, Lightshifters, Blue Forest, Martin Nonstatic [playlist update]

Echo Season – Molecular Drift
Kaya Project – Seed (Somatoast Remix)
Nomyn – Closer
Faex Optim – Muted Post Horn
Sundial Aeon – Undiscovered Terrain
Planet Boelex & Lightshifters – Return
Blue Forest – Dragonfly Dream
Martin Nonstatic – Crimean Mountains

Shpongle, Hugo Kant, Mina, Rautu, Autumn Of Communion [playlist update]

Shpongle – I Am You (Cosmic Trigger Remix)
Hugo Kant – Melancholia
Mina – Thus We Drown
Rautu – Fortuna
Autumn Of Communion – End (Sunrise For Claudio)

Sonic Scope, Proxeeus, Obsqure, Melorman, Ian Urbina, Renjā [playlist update]

Sonic Scope – Meditation (Extended Mix)
Proxeeus – Dream Incubation and Decrepit Mausoleums
Obsqure – Mamulks
Melorman, Ian Urbina – L’esperanza
Renjā – Pay To Win

Morphology, Sasha Malkovich, Echo Season, AWITW, Blue Forest [playlist update]

Morphology – Horta Proxima
Sasha Malkovich – Friday
Echo Season – Molecular Drift
AWITW – Two Shadows
Blue Forest – Dragonfly Dream

Beta Consciousness, Nomyn & Oscuro, Eguana, Koan, Hibernation [playlist update]

Beta Consciousness – Past Never Ends
Nomyn & Oscuro – Stay
Eguana – Listen To The Universe
Koan – Fern Thicket (Blue mix)
Hibernation – Familiar Stars (Desert Dwellers Remix)