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First Anniversary

While choosing First Anniversary wishes, one has to be a bit pickier and put some extra effort, messages should be mixed with some lovely and cool words. You have to express exactly what your heart says, but just in a more special way than you normally would do 😂

Ambidextrous [artist review]

Ambidextrous is the stage name for Nick Zavriev, an electronic musician from Moscow, Russia. His solo work primarily focuses on IDM and ambient, but he is also involved in a number of side projects ranging from trip-hop to post-rock. In addition to his music career, Nick is a music journalist for major Russian media and a software engineering high school teacher.

Nick has released over 10 albums since the start of his career in the late 90s. He gained recognition after the release of the 2001 LP “Errorism”, which got favorable reviews both in Russian and International media. His music has been released on U-cover, n5MD, Toytronic. m3rck and many more.

He is known for his vibrant live performances, which include live synth playing, visuals and jams with other musicians both acoustic and electronic. Nick also DJs as part of regular club night event series that he co-created.