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Fade, Gigi Masin, Seaman, Infinitum, Ajokki [playlist update]

Fade – Streets of Life
Gigi Masin – The Water Sibyl
Seaman – Coral Reef
Infinitum – Lost
Ajokki – 712

Ryan Farish [artist review]

Certain paradigms in the world of electronic music cannot be entirely replicated, and the body of work by Ryan Farish deserves such an accolade. The decorated DJ, producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist has touched innumerable hearts over the course of his career.

Although best described as downtempo or chillout, Farish’s music exists in a category all its own. By pairing rich instrumentals with elements of ambient and uplifting trance, he’s yielded a polished and unmistakable sound that resonates with a wide international audience. He’s garnered over 330 million streams across the major digital platforms.

While not produced exclusively for nightclubs and festivals, Farish’s music exhibits a supreme appeal. Each concept’s flawless execution speaks to his years of experience in the studio. Farish frequently engages his online supporters, maintaining a fiercely loyal fan base that shares in his ongoing success.

As electronic music’s youngest generation of enthusiasts continue to discover the music of Ryan Farish, his catalogue of music will continue to expand. For Farish, the artistic journey continues to be embarked upon with new avenues constantly being explored – with ‘Art for Life’ and forthcoming bodies of work still to be revealed being of no exception.

Drogtech, Ten Madison, Tycho, Ateris, Pillars [playlist update]

Drogtech – Breaking Through
Ten Madison – Andromeda
Tycho – Weather
Ateris – Every Ending Is A New Beginning
Pillars – Coda

Nym [artist review]

Internationally renowned for his emotional and cinematic compositions, downtempo producer Nym writes hauntingly melodic, beat-oriented folk music from civilizations that never were. This is traveler music, a conjuring of eerily beautiful landscapes and the spaces between.

Nym forms his songs organically from a collage of found-sample source material, dusty records, environmental noise, and gentle synthesis. Utilizing nontraditional and often homemade software and sequencing tools, he stands at the bleeding edge of electronic music technology.

After seven years of composing in the dusty hills of San Francisco, Nym migrated east to Durham, North Carolina, where he writes songs and tends to his garden.

Chronos, Fade, Static Guru, TomkillsJerry, Tripswitch [playlist update]

Chronos – 8248 Gurzuf
Fade – Island Crossroads
Static Guru – Luminous
TomkillsJerry – As Much As I Ever Could
Tripswitch – Petrichor