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Oscuro [artist review]

Almost nothing is known about Oscuro, a burgeoning producer with post-rock and electronica tendencies, but we do know that he’s incredibly talented. If you’re a fan of Caribou or similar post-dance IDM (eurgh, for lack of a better phrase), then Oscuro will be right up your street. His production’s organic, stuffed with natural samples – like panpipes – and tribal beats.

It’s almost like traditional folk music of South America reworked into a hedonistic paean to movement. Chopped vox bleed into pitched percussion, and chiming synths blur into the wonderfully imperfect chaos, and rather than quantised, autotuned and plasticised – regardless of whether it is or not – it seems like its just dripping from the fingers of Oscuro. It feels very real, very of the moment, and as if he’s letting the noise slip from his body.