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Milieu [artist review]

Brian Grainger, a bearded recluse living in a midwestern valley. Born in the subtropical southeastern coast of the USA, Brian transmutes the rural and seaside elements of his surroundings into synaesthetic melody and texture, often producing dense layers of sonic compost and colorful reams of psychedelia.

He records and releases music under many different names, including (but not limited to) Milieu / Coppice Halifax / Bike / Vhom / Pink Space / TMA3 / Troth.
A polymath (according to Wire magazine) who, since 2003, has issued over 600 albums, EPs and singles many of them independently released via Brian’s bedroom studio, on every format from cassette to vinyl. Since 2009, Brian has written and produced original soundtracks for television, video games, web content and short films including the popular real-time strategy game Eufloria and multiple short science documentaries at PBS, among others.

Brian also maintains the Recycled Plastics imprint, a playground for bedroom-produced electronics and Analog Botany Mastering & Design, an audio mastering service sporting a long list of clients and affordable rates. When not making music, Brian enjoys coffee, jazz LPs and talking about himself in the third person.