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Argus [artist review]

Argus is a downtempo/ambient project made by Branko Stojiljkovic from Serbia. His sounds can be described as emotional ethno vibes, athmospheric and unique harmonies and music that is wide open, performed and produced with live instruments.

Ever since he was very young, he felt drawn to the magical world of music
which he was surrounded with. The first instrument that he showed interested for was the guitar because his father was a guitar player, but keyboards became his main instrument very soon.
After many years of musical education, at the age of 18, he started to play music professionaly in many bands across the country. Meanwhile his brother Bojan introduced the world of electronic music which he began to do professionally. Together they came up with the idea to make ambient-chill music with live instruments and vocals.

By the end of 2012 they made their first release album called “Four oak Trees” for Ovnimoon records. Their second release came a year later, it was a full lenght album called “Beyond sight”, also for Ovnimoon records 2013.Then they released e.p. called “The Perfect Element” 2014., also for Ovnimoon records.

After couple of years of sound improvements and deepening the connection with ambient music, Argus decided to make a solo album called “The Architect of Time” which was released for Altar records. In winter 2016., Argus joins the Altar Records and continues his work there.

Experience the beautiful creation of Argus and explore all of its bursting colors, melodies and depths. If you’re a psychill fan, this music will take you spiraling beyond, with gentle psychedelic sounds, skillfully crafted compositions and soothing ethereal vocals,that will take you on a spin into far away realms.