The power of abstract sound Psychill, downtempo, future jazz
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Sonic Scope, Proxeeus, Obsqure, Melorman, Ian Urbina, Renjā [playlist update]

Sonic Scope – Meditation (Extended Mix)
Proxeeus – Dream Incubation and Decrepit Mausoleums
Obsqure – Mamulks
Melorman, Ian Urbina – L’esperanza
Renjā – Pay To Win

Morphology, Sasha Malkovich, Echo Season, AWITW, Blue Forest [playlist update]

Morphology – Horta Proxima
Sasha Malkovich – Friday
Echo Season – Molecular Drift
AWITW – Two Shadows
Blue Forest – Dragonfly Dream

Beta Consciousness, Nomyn & Oscuro, Eguana, Koan, Hibernation [playlist update]

Beta Consciousness – Past Never Ends
Nomyn & Oscuro – Stay
Eguana – Listen To The Universe
Koan – Fern Thicket (Blue mix)
Hibernation – Familiar Stars (Desert Dwellers Remix)

Baby T, Faex Optim, Kyoto, Sabiance, AWITW [playlist update]

Baby T – We Could Disappear
Faex Optim – Opposite World
Kyoto – Forest Fairy
Sabiance – Dancing Lentils
AWITW – 05:23