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Zen Baboon [artist review]

Zen Baboon are Daniel Rosado and Henrique Palhavã. Both were born in the 70`s in Portugal and since an early age kept a close connection with the musical world, focusing on great sound quality and original construction.

Daniel is a sound engineer that worked in a studio in Lisbon and started producing electronic music in the late 90′s. Henrique, a zoologist, lives and works in his own farm and started as an ambient DJ, ( ̈DJ Henriq ̈) and producer in 2001.

They got together in 2003 and decided to melt their musical preferences and create Zen Baboon. This brought together their melodic and ambient experience with their need for a more techno approach.

State Azure, Blackboxx, Geoglyph, December Trails, Vallou [playlist update]

State Azure – Arctic Coffee
Blackboxx – Looks Like She’s Never Coming Back
Geoglyph – Circe (Illusive Tuna Remix)
December Trails – Capricorn
Vallou – Labyrinth

Hibernation [artist review]

Hibernation (a.k.a Ryan Pangilinan) is a noise improviser and engineering graduate from Tarlac. He engages in the brooding and the sonically grotesque, as a master tinkerer of guitar effects and homemade sequencers and synthesizers. A lot of his sound pieces sprawl over twenty minutes or more, approaching the border of harsh noise and dealing with self-proclaimed themes of boredom, darkness, loneliness, social malfunction, mental illness. The sound may seem unsettling to unaccustomed ears but that is the very function of harsh noise — to express the dark and the unspeakable, to show the void by means of getting in touch with the deep black recesses of the mind.

Interview with Astronaut Ape [Interview]

Astronaut Ape is an electronic music act formed by experienced music producer Oleg Belousov. Now he is well-known around the world by the cosmic sounds of his atmospheric cosmic and danceable music. Astronaut Ape has released five albums and made a compilation “Cahaya Dari Jiva.” Along with that, his tracks are published by many labels worldwide. He is a frequent guest on numerous radio broadcasts.

As an artist, constanty trying to push his creativity from common boundaries, he is producing music as the blend of different music genres. Progressive bass line, dubstep beat, chillout melody, sampled ethnic instruments and synthesized cosmic sounds – all these mixed into immersing audial space travel.

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Mick Chillage, Shwamp, Coam, S1gns of L1fe, Tengri, Hypnoxock, Stratusphere, Ambientium [playlist update]

Mick Chillage – Only In My Dreams
Shwamp x Coam – Vessel
S1gns of L1fe – Synesthetic State
Tengri – One We Are
Hypnoxock – Encounters Over The Sea
Stratusphere – Isolation Blues
Ambientium – Sunset